What Being English Means To Me: 'I'm Proud We Have A Rich Tapestry Of Multiculturalism'

Posted July 7,2018 in Sport.

Martina Angelaite
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The triumphs of the England team have been celebrated across much of the country this World Cup. The last time we reached the semi-finals was 1990 and there’s a real chance that, for the first time since 1966, football is coming home. 

With England flags flying from windows up and down the country, this World Cup has also been a time for reflection on what being English means - particularly for multicultural communities. In a poignant blog post on HuffPost UK, Rabbil Sikdar discusses past associations between nationalism and the English flag, and the difficulties he’s felt about identifying as an English Asian.

“England has always felt [like] home but I’ve always felt inclined to identify as British rather than Asian,” he writes, before adding that this World Cup it feels like communities are more united, like there’s been “a perceptible shift in the meaning and tone of Englishness for so many of us”.

To coincide with the World Cup semi-final, seven people have reflected on what being English means to them.

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