About Us

Welcome to FLEXLINGO!

FLEXLINGO is a social media platform that attempts to bring people of different nationalities, languages and backgrounds together so that they can understand each other, chat together, work together and hopefully, achieve great feats together!

More specifically, our social platform is everything similar social networks have failed to be. The problem with major social network sites is that they have failed to introduce a translation system that users can utilise to be able to communicate in their own languages.

To a significant extend, that is exactly what is missing from our great nation and we are determined to make it happen.

Bringing People Together, One Profile At A Time

If you are currently browsing our networking site and considering becoming a member, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Do you have a friend, family member or loved one from a foreign country or different background? Then, you deserve to possess the ability to instantly talk to each other, share great experiences and come up with special ideas and plans.

Our website features an integrated translator that is also intertwined with the messenger app. In plain words, this means you can send and receive private messages in your own language, as the words and sentences will automatically be translated before they reach the recipient.

Communication: The Cornerstone Of The Future

Even before we came up with the idea for FLEXLINGO, everyone involved in this project shared the same belief that the ability to communicate is of paramount significance as it is the foundation upon which everything is built. Trust, relationships, technologies, business projects, families...everything is based upon the people’s ability to talk to each other. That’s why our platform is here to facilitate and ensure effortless communication among people of different backgrounds.

Just imagine how glorious it could be if you didn’t have to use the English language to communicate with your loved ones and acquaintances but instead you could address everyone in their own language preferences. And of course, it goes the other way around too. People can address you in your language of choice, as the message will be automatically translated and delivered.

So if you haven’t signed up already, take that next step right now. It only takes a few minutes. After that, you’ll be immediately available to connect with anybody across the entire world!

Mission Statement

Our mission statement and core values have remained constant since the first day

FLEXLINGO began; to create a revolutionary social platform that could bring people of different countries and backgrounds together with an integrated automatic translator and messenger app.

Having millions of people from different countries sign up and make a profile is our ultimate mission and we will not rest until our dream becomes a reality.

Thank you for using our social platform and trusting in our mission and core values.